Four wheel drive car, truck, and SUV owners know that a transfer case is the device that splits the power between the front and rear axles. The transfer case in an all-wheel-drive system contains a device that allows for a speed difference between the front and rear wheels.

The transfer case on a part-time four-wheel-drive system locks the front-axle driveshaft to the rear-axle driveshaft, so the wheels are forced to spin at the same speed. Some transfer cases, more commonly those in part-time systems, also contain an additional set of gears that give the vehicle a low range. This extra gear ratio gives the vehicle extra torque and a super-slow output speed.

Eventually all transfer cases and their related components wear out, and that is when you need to come to Kermit's Certified Transmission & Auto. Our years of experience and vast resources of parts permits us to get you back on the road to more adventures. Stop in and see us soon.