Rear end repair is a complicated task that requires patience and an ever increasing number of specialized tools to complete the task. The heart of the read end is the differential, the thing that works both drive axles at the same time.

The differential lets both axles rotate at different speeds so that the car can make turns. When a car makes a turn, the outer wheel has to turn faster than the inner wheel, due to the difference in the length of the paths they take.

Repair is usually easy to hear when needed. As you are accelerating, listen for a humming or clanking noise from rear end. This is especially true when you are on the highway and accelerate then immediately decelerate. A whining or humming noise at a steady speed or at coast down may be heard. Bad universal joints, sometimes give you a vibration at high speeds in either the floor or body of the car. All of these components have seals and bearings that need to be inspected for leaks and wear. Kermit's Transmission has the knowledge and correct tools to inspect and repair the drivetrain components in your vehicle. Stop in and see up today.