Kermit's Certified Transmission & Auto installs auxiliary coolers.

One of the best is the "Tru-Cool" self regulating coolers - Thick or thin, it's the oil that regulates the cooler. That's the principle behind the revolutionary new TRU-COOL SR series of self regulating transmission oil coolers. Thicker oil that is below the ideal operating temperature by-passes the cooler through the upper two plates. When the temperature rises, it becomes thin enough to pass through the entire cooler and receive TRU-COOL's superior heat transfer efficiency. Automatically.

Advanced all aluminum stacked plate design combines maximum cooling with minimum flow resistance for true system protection. Advanced Technology Outperforms Tube and Fin Design with Up To 15 Times Less Flow Restriction and 30% More Cooling. These coolers deliver Maximum Heat Transfer.

We have coolers for other applications as well.

 - Small, Medium and Large Engine Cooling

 - Power Steering and other similar applications

 - Transmission Coolers of all sizes for all makes and types of vehicles